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Your Solution to Application Specific Motor and Actuator Needs!

Direct Drive Frameless Motors
  • Direct Drive Frameless Motors– permanent magnet three phase ring type, low profile, direct drive motors with large through hole. Four types to choose from;
    • ULT Series easy to use general purpose motors from 45-165 mm diameters.
    • UTH Series high output motors from 29-533 mm diameters.
    • UTS Series slotless motors for the smoothest motion 29-240 mm diameters.
    • UTO Series outside rotating motors for hub-centric applications 20-200mm diameters.
Linear and Linear Arc Motors
  • Linear and Linear Arc (ARC) Motor Solutions– application specific air core linear motor kits for high precision high response systems. Three types to choose from;
    • LIN Series - traditional air core linear motors, single or double sided designs - contact the factory for more details.
    • ARC Series - arc shaped single sided linear motors for large diameter low profile limited angle or full rotating.
    • LAC Series - linear single phase motors for actuation. - contact the factory for more details.
Precision Motor Systems
  • Precision Motion Systems – Combining Applimotion frameless direct drive motor technology with customer driven motor requirements. Unlimited options are available based on customer specific needs. Currently available solutions:
    • HO Series - direct drive precision motor with ABEC 7 bearings, large through hole, glass scale encoder.
    • HO Slotless - direct drive precision motor with slotless construction for scanning applications includes all other features of HO Series.

    Other options available on request - contact the factory for more details.

Motor Components and actuators
  • Motor Components and Actuators– combining all available motor types with customer driven mechanical requirements, Applimotion produces hundreds of different motor components and component based actuator solutions. Contact the factory for more information on the combination of magnets, iron and copper you may need!